The Midnight Express & Jim Cornette 25th Anniversary Scrapbook Review

Midnight Express & Jim Cornette Scrapbook The Midnight Express & Jim Cornette 25th Anniversary Scrapbook
By Jim Cornette with Tim Ash
Published by Cornette’s Collectibles
Released on April 24, 2009
232 Pages (Paperback)
Available in Paperback

Without a doubt one of the very best tag teams in history, The Midnight Express is most well-known for its classic matches with The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express across several different territories. Beyond that, they also had great feuds with The Road Warriors, The Fantastics and others. They’re also widely known for their innovative double-team moves such as the Rocket Launcher and the Veg-O-Matic. These moves have been often imitated, but never duplicated and are commonly seen in wrestling today.

The Midnight Express and Jim Cornette 25th Anniversary Scrapbook is a chronological record of the Midnight Express’ career presented in 8 1/2X11 paperback format featuring slick glossy paper. As a self-proclaimed obsessive-compulsive, Cornette has kept a record of every single result he was present for, along with the gate of the event. Along with that, he has kept all sorts of booking sheets, memos, programs, magazines, tickets, pay stubs, hate/fan mail, newspaper clippings and anything else that could possibly be saved. Also included are well over a hundred photographs in both black & white and colour. Because of all of the goodies you can find in this book, there’s really no other wrestling book remotely like it. While still being autobiographical, it’s more of a scrapbook of the Express’ career (as the title suggests) than an autobiography.

Each copy is personally autographed by Jim Cornette, which is a great bonus. It is not a heavy read, as the majority of the book consists of results. It is very well researched by Cornette and Tim Ash, with lots of notes and explanations accompanying the results. It gives you a very good idea of what was going on at the time. They make note of what drew money, what didn’t draw and why. It’s especially handy to have around as a companion book while watching Midnight Express matches. Fans of The Midnight Express, tag team wrestling or the territorial days will love The Midnight Express and Jim Cornette 25th Anniversary Scrapbook. If any of those apply to you, this is a must read. You will not be disappointed.

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